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Derrick Hickman

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Derrick Hickman


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Grove City OH 43123
United States
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United States
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My recent work builds upon the theme of myth vs. memory which has been the focus of past paintings and sculptures. I have used the process of story telling to introduce the viewer my own memory and its conflict with self perpetuated folklore, as it is related to my development as an artist.
In these paintings, I have literally projected text on to the canvas in an enlarged diary form. These snippets of personal narrative have been abstracted through color patterns and text distortion. Despite the scale, visibility and appeal of color, the abstractions are meant to obstruct. It gets between the audience and the story much like the way romanticism; ego and drama tend to taint our recollections.


 Derrick Hickman
CLASS: Acrylics
CATEGORY: Abstract
SIZE: 72" x 77"
YEAR: 2007
PRICE: $3,600.00

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